About PrymEvyl

PrymEvyl is a noteworthy Nigeria born and US based hip-hop/dancehall recording artist and producer.  He was born into a large family in Benin City Nigeria where he got his primary and most of his secondary education.  He began his music career at a very young age, through his membership as a trumpet and drums instrumentalist for his mother’s church choir. 

Upon his migration to New York with his family, his love for music became evident with his exposure to the budding New York dancehall and hip-hop scene.  After his admission to an upstate New York university, he decided to explore his musical instincts and built a reputation locally for his lyrical skills in the underground scene.  

With his newfound love, over the years he co-founded hip-hop reggae group the Junglez Tribe, Watch Ya Hedz Click, and hip-hop group The Reptylez.  After going through the ups and down of group disagreement and breakups, PrymEvyl decided on a solo career.  He debuted on November 2014 with the release of his self-titled LP PrymEvyl worldwide on his Wyze Sonz imprint.  This debut release was critically acclaimed in the indie music scene and helped propelled PrymEvyl further in his music career.

He has released a series of mix tapes with his label cohorts and finished a label group LP which was unfortunately shelved.  PrymEvyl is a talented songwriter and producer and has worked with the likes of Boss Hogg, Jimmy Black the Journeyman, Mad Maxx, Suspectz Records, DJ Jay Black, Deep Thinka Records, and engineer/producer Rick Joyner. 

In addition to his music career, PrymEvyl is an active music video director, content producer and entrepreneur.  He is an alumnus of Georgia State University and the Florida Institute of Technology.